The sword shrivels to flakes of snow.

As evening falls, the city of Esteburg begins to stir. Christophor Morden, one of the king's special inspectorate, is woken early by a call to the city prison. A heinous crime has been committed and the police suspect supernatural causes.

The law devours its history.

The investigation will take Christophor far from home, to a village on the edge of the Kingdom. There he will discover the signs of an unholy ritual that can only be performed by a witch.

The stone moves on water.

But within Christophor – as within all the citzens of Reikova – is a day brother: Alexsander, a musician who knows nothing of night. And as his night brother nears the truth, Alexsander will find himself determined to halt him.

The broken heart bleeds gold.

And all the while, the witch's ancient and apocalyptic ritual comes ever closer to completion...

'Clever, original and beautifully crafted... the story holds like a vice' 

- Daily Mail

'This spellbinding fantasy... is sure to please'

 - Publisher's Weekly

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